• Court View

    Maseru West, Maseru


    Letseng Diamond

    15,000 sq ft

  • Our brand means you will have a quality product. Good design is fundamental in creating something as intimate as your own home. The simple joy of living or working in a space that positively enhances your life is priceless. When choosing KTM ARCHITECTS, we like to ensure the people we are working with are recipients of exceptional service throughout every phase of design and long after. Working with KTM ARCHITECTS means you work with interesting people, who stand out amongst the crowd because they don't think only like architects, but as people who enjoy the art of living. By pushing innovation with each and every design, we realise inventive and extensive possibilities to drive your home to be something truly unique.

  • A dream build may only come once in a lifetime, and to achieve all that you imagine in your build, you need the residential and commercial architects who have the experience, passion and creative insight to help realise your dream. At KTM ARCHITECTS, we believe in the integrity and longevity of good design that can bring happiness into people's lives. Contact us today for a free consultation about your dream build. Experience what it's like to work with a passionate team of designers and artists who truly care.